Who We Are

We are an Afro-Caribbean Catering and Educational Company that specializes in providing exceptional catering and private dining experiences for individuals, groups and communities across the UK.  Our inspiration comes from the rich and spicy flavours of Africa and the Caribbean’s and we aim to bring a fusion of both cultures to your plates. 

At Yemides’ Kitchen, we not only value Excellence in our services but also the power of Education and Empowerment. We are passionate about educating and empowering individuals to develop culinary interests and skills in the arts of Afro-Caribbean fusion cuisine. We do this through a range of developmental workshops, events and resources, professional culinary courses, mentorship programmes, community hubs, our online Food directory and micro-grants to small and medium sized food businesses. 


What We Do

We offer a wide selection of private dinning and catering packages as well as bespoke packages to suite any style or event. Do head to our services page to find out more of the services we offer. 

Private Dinning

Event Catering

Classes & Workshops

Content Creation

Our Vision

To become a global influence in the culinary arts of Afro-Caribbean cuisine and be a certified educational body that educates, builds and supports culinary professionals and food businesses.


Our Mission

To provide our customers with exceptional food experiences and equip people to fall in love with cooking and even become Afro-Caribbean culinary professionals.

Our Values


We value the support, feedback and recognition from our community and we strive to build and grow a worldwide community of food lovers and enthusiasts on a daily basis and give back to our community.


We believe in providing exceptional, quality and top-notch food services to all our clients, students and partners.


Learning is at the heart of what we do, so we commit to continuous learning as we support, inspire and equip our community to grow and succeed in their various food journeys.


We ensure that our ingredients and foods are ethically sourced, purchased and our packaging are made out of recyclable and reusable materials that is safe for the environment.

Our Team

Folayemi Ojo

Founder & Head Chef

Folayemi Ojo is an Afro-Caribbean chef who works with a range of clients to deliver food experiences, training workshops and food services across the UK. She founded Yemides Kitchen during her university undergraduate and has managed and conducted majority of the operations side of the business. Shes an entrepreneur, project manager, speaker and author of a children’s cookbook series called Olas’ Kitchen Diaries. 

Ananiya Varma

Graphics & Design

Ananiya is a graphic designer passionate about the arts, independent cinema and good food. She spends her free time watching Korean horror films, creating digital illustrations and obsessing over the perfect cup of coffee. She specialises in design for social media and layout design, but is also interested in photography and film

Sara La Cagnina

Content & Social Media

Sara is a social media enthusiast with a passion for events management and marketing and loves helping small businesses have larger influences through media. 

Frequently asked questions

We can cater for most small to medium scale events such as birthday parties, bridal showers, graduation celebrations, weddings and many more. Simply fill out our contact form with the relevant details and we can send you a quote for your event. 

Absolutely! However we currently run as a pre-order order service with food deliveries on Saturday and Sunday. To order any takeaway service, simply pre-order your meal by Friday 6pm for same week deliveries in the weekend. You can do this by sending us a direct DM to our Instagram account or calling us on 07865174463. 

Yes we do! We have a range of vegetarian and vegan food options to choose from and can be selected with every package and food service you choose. Simply fill out the booking form and let us know exactly what your requirements and we will send you a full list of Vegan and Vegetarian options you can choose from. 

We can deliver to any where within 20 miles from Rugby, West Midlands for takeaway and events catering. We can deliver to London also for orders over £500. Our delivery service are very flexible so do let us know where in the country you are and we might be able to deliver to your location. 

We are always on the look out for talented individuals who enjoy working in the food industry or would like to experience it. If you would like to work for us, please send us an email to yemideskitchen@gmail.com to schedule a chat with us.