Who We Are

A black-owned catering and edutainment company inspired by the rich and spicy flavours of West Africa and the Caribbean’s to bring our clients a fusion of both cultures right to their plates. We believe ‘Food and learning are perfect ingredients that brings us and our communities together’ and are very passionate about educating and empowering individuals to develop culinary skills and interests for West African and Caribbean cuisine. This is delivered through a number of services we offer ranging from catering packages to well-being cooking workshops.

Our Vision

To inspire and influence a global wave of appreciation and recognition for West African and Caribbean culinary heritage.

Our Mission

To provide our clients and community with exceptionally delicious food experiences whilst educating them on West African & Caribbean cultures and cuisine.

Our Values

We value the support, feedback and recognition from our community and we strive to build and grow a worldwide community of food lovers and enthusiasts on a daily basis and give back to our community.

We believe in providing exceptional, quality and top-notch food services to all our clients, students and partners.

Learning is at the heart of what we do, so we commit to continuous learning as we support, inspire and equip our community to grow and succeed in their various food journeys.

We ensure that our ingredients and foods are ethically sourced, purchased and our packaging are made out of recyclable and reusable materials that is safe for the environment.

What We Do

We offer a wide selection of private dinning and catering packages as well as bespoke packages to suite any style or event. Do head to our services page to find out more of the services we offer. 

Private Dinning

Event Catering

Cooking Workshops

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Meet the Founder

Folayemi Ojo Is a passionate cook and educator who works with a range of clients to deliver food experiences, training workshops, food services across the UK. Yemides Kitchen was founded by her as a result of her love for cooking and learning about different cultures through food. She is an entrepreneur, certified project manager, speaker and author of Olas kitchen diaries (a fully illustrated children’s cookbook).